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All Acrophonology software programs have now been adapted to run on the web and free to use. 

AcroProg - for people, places or things
This is the original Acrophonology program much acclaimed by students of this ancient science. Analyze the personalities of your friends, relatives, and other important people in your life. Gain insights into their motives and quirks. Learn how to deal with them in the best manner.

AcroPet  - for our "non-human" friends and companions!
For pet owners, this is an excellent way to gain insights into the personalities of your pets by analyzing their names. An absolute must for pet lovers of all ages. Discover the synergy between your surname and your pet's name.  

Acro Sell - for anyone who does "cold call sales"
This program will tell you how to approach your prospective clients without having met them before. You only have to know their names to know about them. Turn your COLD calls into WARM calls. Insights into their personalities and the best sales techniques.

Karma - A short Karmic analysis
This program analyzes your name and your mother's maiden name to discover the lessons to be uncovered in the journey through your life. Anticipate those important trends in your life by using acrophonology to help you deal with them.

Acro Parent - For parents or teachers ....... what can you learn about a child hidden in their name.
Ideal for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and even school teachers. Analyze the personality of your child from his or her name and learn the best way to deal with their special attributes.

Sexual Secrets - What does your name say about you?
What secrets does your name reveal! Analyze the compatibility between yourself and that special other person in your life. Just enter your name and his or her name to find out areas of harmony and conflict in the most important of all relationships. Avoid problems before they become too difficult to deal with. - Don't worry, "G" rated!

The BigName Report - a complete extended analysis
The most comprehensive Acrophonology report writer. Produces an in-depth report based on all given names, maiden name, married name, confirmation name, nicknames, pen names and even has an option for "other names".  

All Acrophonology programs perform a combined astrological/metaphysical analysis using the letters of the name, providing you an interpretive evaluation based on the letters in your name. It is not "protected" and can be printed, or can be copied and pasted it into another document or email. 

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